What to Expect

How Transformational Living Homes (TLH) Works…

Every day brings new choices

At TLH we believe individuals in recovery must spend substantial time in supportive recovery meetings, sharing with others in recovery, and being helpful to others while participating in alcohol and drug free social and recreational activities.  Reading self-help books is also encouraged.  The more time spent in recovery activities and being with likeminded people, the greater the recovery level.  Recent academic research http://condor.depaul.edu/~ljason/oxford/ has proven sober living in group situations is tremendously effective in promoting long-term recovery from alcoholism and addiction.  At TLH, the focus is to provide comfortable, quality living in surroundings conducive to abstinence, recovery and personal growth.

It’s all about “We”…The family “spirit” in which one experiences from living in any TLH home is profound and more effective than an individual living alone or in other challenged environments! The fellowship and therapeutic atmosphere of our homes are incomparable! Each resident reinforces their own recovery through the “caring support” that comes from other recovering residents in our homes. Each and every resident is a member of the “Family” and is encouraged to participate. Clean & Sober living is a sacred and honorable experience! TLH homes strive to promote and foster the “We” experience of recovery!

TLH operates as a “Family” with shared house responsibilities that are contribute to feeling productive, builds self-esteem and helps assure that our homes remain clean, safe and healthy environments for recovery!

A word about TLH Standards…

  • Maintain a daily commitment to a “Clean & Sober” lifestyle!
  • Attend daily -12- Step AA or NA (or other) support meetings
  • Practice a recovery program
  • Attend TLH “House” meetings – Sunday through Thursday
  • Respect and honor house standards
  • Complete assigned house chores
  • All residents are subject to random drug and alcohol testing

Our homes are…

  • Completely furnished
  • Provide Free – Wi-Fi, utilities, telephone (local and long distance), cable
  • On site washer / dryer
  • Close to Public Transportation & Shopping
  • Provide professional “support” letters for the courts or employers

TLH is NOT the same as a group home or halfway house…

Therapy, treatment and formal counseling are not a part of our operation. Our approach succeeds because we encourage you to assume responsibility for yourself as part of a “family”. We create a clean, safe, wholesome and loving environment with minimal structure through accountability and responsibility. We adhere to house standards to nurture our common goal: living Clean and Sober!